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I can make these smaller and I can also make in white
(*price subject to change if material prices increase)


Ideal for the First time breeder, who want a professional set up, without a huge cost.

Seasoned Breeder looking for something lighter weight, super easy to set up
to contain the mess of whelping, and still be safe for mom and pups and easy to sanitize.

!! Only Light weight, durable, Whelping Box Available in Canada !!
one of the only professional whelping boxes on the market that has a Bottom/Floor
Square size, allows it to fit in a corner of a room, or beside the bed or in an RV/Trailer
Easy assembly, and easily folds away flat, for storage.
Made of corrugated plastic material
Can be submerged in water and hosed down to clean

Ideal to travel with to a dog show (just in case)
This box is designed to whelp and raise pups until 4 weeks of age
Assembles, by unfolding into position, in seconds, by one person.
HAS A BOTTOM, so will never move around when a dog leans on it
and will contain any and all mess from whelping or raising pups.
Stores away flat, easy to carry, easy to store, easy to clean, time after time

* Video of our whelping box being assembled
In an effort to further reduce the price
Puppy rails are no longer included

Also available in white.
Has lasted me for well over 10 litters and is still going strong.

Size: 43" x 48" x 20"
* Light weight
* Easy to sanitize or clean
* No tool assembly
* Reinforced corners
* Scrubbable Plastic
* Has an attached bottom
* Folds away for easy storage
* Clean looking for puppy photos
* Can put your own logo on the Box
* 3 Adjustable door heights as puppies grow
* Ideal for travelling to dog shows with, to have on hand, "just in case" you need it
** PVC white Puppy Rails or Vinyl flat floating Rails, available at additional cost **

Lots of room for 80 lbs mother and her 11 big puppies
Puppies are wearing our Puppy ID Bands

Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail

Breeder's Whelping Boxes have 3 Entrance levels to adjust in height as pups grow
Optional puppy Rails available

Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail
Whelping boxes have 3 door levels to adjust in height as pups grow
Optional puppy Rails available

Assembly of the Breeder's Box on a day a storm was coming in !!

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Lots of room in our whelping boxes for large breed mom, pups and Breeder to help whelp
Our model dogs, are Standard Poodles 25" tall and 68 lbs
which should give you an idea of how much room there is.
Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers have all used our Whelping Box
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