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Thin hospital fleece, just does NOT compare to Veterinary Fleece
WARNING !!! Use once, and you will never raise another litter without this product !!!!
This product is so amazing and has so revolutionized how I raise pups
that I had to build a web page and share about this product with other Breeders.

Veterinary Fleece
You will not need to change for a number of days, unlike Puppy Pads
Fluids go through, mom and pups stay dry and warm
Will last for YEARS (do not use fabric softener or sheets when washing/drying)
Super comfortable for mom's and pups
Lavender, Pink, Blue, Green, Grey

* Allows liquid to wick through (can go a week before changing pups)
* keeping puppies or incontinent dogs dry (excellent in cages for dog shows)
* Synthetic fibre which won’t harbour bacteria
* Machine wash/dry
* Will last for years (some say 20 years)
* Provides traction for pups
* Rigid green backing is chew resistant, and mom's don't usually move it around
* Option for rubber backed that will not move
* Tremendous strength and durability whilst retaining luxurious feel
* The higher bulk and superb heat retention distinguishes it from all products
* Hygienic, non-irritant, non allergenic and non-toxic
* Keeps pets dry, warm and cosy

The above photo is after 36 hours. I was able to sit in the whelping box and be dry.
!! DRY !!!
I had no idea until I lifted the fleece, (photo above),
how much pee and mom's milk, had wicked through.
Whelping box, Fleece, Pups and mom were dry.

Breeders will leave this for a week without changing !
I have used this product for several litters now, and I can honestly say it was worth every penny.
I was changing out incontinent pads every 2-4 hours and doing a TON of laundry.
The pads would just get so wet with pee and or milk from mom.
My mothers were also fussy, pushing wet pads and puppies away.
I have had pups get caught up in blankets and mother laying on them, so those didn't work.
Pups always seemed to be crying and complaining if they drifted away from the heating pad or incontinent pad
AND looks professional, Unlike dirty looking, mismatched towels, or blankets, breeders often use.

I can put Vet Fleece down, and know that they are safe, dry, warm, content and quiet.
I choose to change the fleece every 4 days the first week
I change it every other day, week 2 until they go home.
I would suggest people buy at least "2" pads to have one while you launder the other.
Ideally if you can afford to, buy 16' roll as is cheaper and cut "4" peices for yourself.
Most Fleece is 60" wide so you can have a bit of "cut off" for puppy cages ect.

It is VERY heavy when wet and can be difficult to wash in a normal washing machine.
Matter of fact it kept throwing my machine "off balance" so I ended up taking 12 - 15 at a time
to the laundry mat and putting THREE 4'x4' fleece in each triple sized machine, at $5.00/each
and I'm done my 2 weeks worth of laundry, in 20 minutes !
and not wrecking my own washer with dog hair and debris.

I bring home, hang to dry to extend the life of the fleece instead of the dryer.
In the summer the fleece dries in under 2 hours !
If you dry it at the laundry mat it will take 45 minutes to dry.
If you use the dryer, Fleece distributors say, not to use liquid fabric softener
because it will coat the fibers with film and not allow water to wick through as easily.

DO NOT use fabric softener as the build up of fabric softener on the fleece
blocks moisture from going through, and prevents the fleece from doing it's job.
You can use dryer "sheets" in the dryer if you must, but better if you don't.
When washing you might get a lot more suds than expected
so you should plan on using White distilled Vinegar, to aid in reducing suds
by itself or in conjunction with detergent, as will sanitize, reduce suds, help to eliminate odour
as well and works to eliminate static.

This is how I have my mom's set up during whelping and for the first 2 hours after
beside my bed, in my Breeder's Box
I like to use the incontinent pads at first, because I like the pups to focus
on nursing and not sucking on the Vet fleece (which they will do at first)
Or having my nice vet fleece, stained with the mess of whelping !
My puppy pads, are ideal for the mess of whelping as they are easily washed.

Vet Fleece is so comfortable for mom to lay on, thick enough she can't usually dig it up, or move it around
textured enough so that pups have a good traction to learn to walk
Most importantly, it stays DRY, wicking moisture through it.
It is said to also keep pups warm with it's insulating properties and be antibacterial.
I use a heating pad on medium or high in the middle of the box "under" the Vet Fleece
as pups can not generate their own body heat, for the first 2 weeks

Boxes will still need some absorbent material underneath the vet fleece to soak up fluids.
I line my boxes with the "Dry Sheathing" from Home Depot roofing section,
just one strip down the middle of the box instead of 2 sheets to completely cover
the bottom of the box, as just need the one sheet to absorb up the pee that goes through the Vet Fleece..
Some people will use their puppy pads under the vet fleece as then they can just wash everything.
When using the Vet Fleece I have no smell, that is normally found using papers, blankets or other bedding.
My puppy room, smells and looks very professional and very clean

I was shocked the first time I washed this beautiful plush material
and had it come up mangy looking, as no one warned me this would happen.
You can just brush with a slicker brush to fluff it up, if you want to be bothered.
It works perfectly fine, if you don't. I personally don't bother.
I just thought I should warn people that this will happen, so they are not shocked.
Fleece will not shrink, however cut edges will curl slightly.

As pups wean around 3 weeks of age, I open my puppy box up to a 4'x6' size
Still using the 4'x4' piece of vet fleece but putting papers at the far end
to encourage the pups to potty on the paper further and further from where they sleep and eat.
Any little poops they do on the fleece I move to the paper area.
This method encourages puppies to be "clean" by providing a potty area for them to target.

After a week of papers at the far end of the Puppy Box,
the pups start to use the papers reliably, and are weaning, I can open the potty door
and the pups will only poop and 'mostly' pee in the potty area.
This means that I Only need to clean the potty area 1-2x a day or as needed, just laying new papers and shredding some.
I continue using the 4'x4' piece of vet fleece, because the pups just stay cleaner than without it.

Some breeders, will use the smaller 2'x4' pieces of VetFleece to make easier to wash at home
and so the pups are encouraged even more to go potty further and further from where they sleep and eat
and this size of fleece you are able to wash in a washing machine.
In this set up, you will use more shredded paper and dry sheathing in the box and have more garbage as a result.
I also provide Kibble and fresh water 24/7 at this time (still giving food slurry 3-4x a day)
The potty door being used now also means I can clean the potty area, and call the pups all into that area
and close the door to contain them, while I clean the main area and put new food and water, no lifting pups now
and mom is weaned off of them completely by now, as they have sharp teeth.

I purchased Grey, Lilac 1600 gsm and Blue and Green Super Deluxe - 2000 gsm
Just to see the difference and obtain different colours.
I found grey colour depressing and I prefer the thicker fleece.
BUT for the price difference I will buy the 1600 gsm

Get the thicker fleece 1600 - 2000 gsm, though some find the 1450 gsm totally fine.
The 1400 or less, moms are able to dig it up and move it around easier.
Buy at least 4 pieces to switch out for washings, and gives them time to hang dry
as once you have it you will not wish to use anything else.

Get the SOLID colour, not one with puppy paw prints or other pattern
so that you can quickly see pups, especially if you are using nanny cams
or security cameras to monitor the pups.
Some people prefer to get lighter colours to make the pups "POP" out even more,
but I find the Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, Grey just fine and it doesn't show up
any puppy poo stains that momma might have left behind, like the white or beige would.

I would advise not getting the rubber backed as after washing turns the rubber "gummy".
Buy the Green Back, or Chew Resistant ones instead
Buy the proper size to fit in your whelping box.
Cut so that you have enough to "tuck" under your whelping box sides
so pups or moom can't lift up and or play with it.
If you have a mom that won't leave it alone, then I reccomend purchasing
Clamps that will fit onto your puppy rails to secure the Fleece in place.
If you get the 60 inch "roll" it is cheaper and you can easy cut to size.
The fleece does not fray or come apart. After cutting you will get a few bits come off
but that is all that will happen for the rest of the life of the material.
I did buy 16' length of roll (I called profleece and asked, they were great)
This gave me Four vet fleece sheets to fit my whelping box
to use and I used the cut offs extra pieces (17"x48")
for my puppy cages (put rubber shelving liner under, to hold fleece in place).

EXPENSIVE to purchase.
It will eventually smell of pee, so you do have to wash it probably every other day if you are fussy like me
however some breeders will use it a week between washings.
It is heavy to wash, so you may struggle to fit in a washing machine and or dryer, if you get larger than 4'x4' piece.
I take mine to the coin laundry which takes 20 minutes.
I decided to wait until I had nine or twelve of the 4'x4' pieces and drive to the laundry mat
The triple sized machines they have there cost $5.00 and held Three of my fleeces in them.
Good news was they were clean in 20 minutes or so and really wrung out well.
I then go home and hang to dry, as they don't take long. Come winter I will have to dry them there.
Again… well worth it for dry, content, safe pups for 24 hours and a happy mother.


Vet Fleece is made in England and cheaper in the UK just keep in mind shipping, exchange, duties when comparing.
however there are North American suppliers I found in 2015
during my weeks of researching and then sourcing out suppliers

Prices are in USA dollar, if you are in Canada, figure in Exchange, Shipping, Duty, Broker for 48" x 60" sheets
ProFleece USA 1600gsm = $80.20 US
Vet Fleece Jonart 2000gsm = $85.00 US (Warning Video
Tybrushe 1600 gsm = $120.00 Canadian -sends defective fleece with holes in it
Vet Bed Canada 1600gsm = $165.00 Canadian
Lakeside Products 2000gsm but it is thinner than other places despite what they advertise = $100.00 US
Revival 48" x 48" = $119.00 US
Whelpwise = $$ ??

In 2017 I had my first momma that would not leave the fleece alone and kept digging it up into a ball
I went to Princess Auto and found this ratcheting Clamps. By fastening to alternating sides
My mother was 100% unable to move the fleece around and pups were safe and comfortable.
*Video how to attach Gripper to Puppy Rail

Original article on Vet Fleece

by Ros of www.beddingbox.com

It is aimed mainly for pet owners, IE Dogs, Cats, House Rabbits, Guinea pigs, etc  
but Vet bed can be used for Equestrian, baby, nursery, home furnishings and disabled or bed use!

Way back in the early 70s, (probably earlier) someone ( I won't say who but I now know who it is) 
invented an imitation sheepskin fleece to protect people from bed sores and nasty infections caused from being bedridden.
It was known as MEDICAL FLEECE

 This was used extensively in hospitals and is to this day. The idea was it didnt hold bugs,
could be boiled for cleaning so soiling by the patients wasn't a problem. People with allergies
were safe on it as it was hypo allergenic. So Medi fleece was invented. As happened with the brand name
of sticky tape, "sellotape",  it was soon was being made by 
various brand names like Medi pad, Hospital fleece, Pro pad, Dry bed etc etc.

Then a bright spark  decided to sell it to a vet for injured animals who were recuperating
from their operations and so VETERINARY  BEDDING was born. 
It was soon apparent that this amazing stuff was handy for a bit more than just post op care for dogs.
The Breeders screamed out for it. Kennels and catteries couldnt manage without it. It took the pet world by storm
 The same happened in the dog world with the trade names and suddenly we had..
Pro Fleece, Vet, Bed, Medi bed. Dry Bed.. erm me Bedding Box Vet Fleece.

The basic make up of vet bed is a tough latex lined backing and a 1.5 " thick imitation sheepskin top.
The idea is any moisture runs straight through the fibres thus keeping the dog, cat, animal, or human, dry and comfortable.



The amount of fibres per square inch provides the support. This is measured in weight GSM

An average veterinary bedding should be between 1200 and 1450 GSM.
This is a medium - Heavy weight vet bed and the one you are most likely to find on sale.

The lightweight one is around 850 - 1100 gsm. its like the fleece you get on a  paint roller.
due to the thinness of it, it cannot stay dry on the surface as efficiently as the medium weight.
Its not designed to do the same job as true vet bed, so it won't. Another way to tell its paint roller fabric
is the backing is very flimsy, and doesn't have the latex coating also its rarely green backed,
more often than not white or similar colour to the sheepskin side


The heavy weight is around 1600 gsm and its not often seen on general sale and has to be ordered.
WHY? Because the heavy weight doesn't actually do much more than the medium except it will give more support.
Its ideal for giant breeds IE Mastiffs, St Bernards, Etc with elbow problems, but other than that the mid range is perfect for every day use.



Ok first and formost a few old wives tales..

"VET BED is only genuine if it has a green back"

Erm.. RUBBISH! It can be any colour you like. It was originally made under the brand name of VET BED
 for the company "pet life"wth a  green back. It was put in very fancy packaging
and to this day is sold in pet shops. It is the most expensive around, but it is the same as all the other vet beds
and does all the same things.. To prove this, vet bed was and still is being sold at dog shows
by the sheet for half the price or less than you would pay for the same thing with pet life.
So pet life had a lovely idea and had the backing made YELLOW, re packaged it
and went on a huge marketing campaign to re sell the "original"  vet bed,
now with extra special properties under the new name of "Vet bed gold".
The one good thing about pet life vet bed is you can get the odd sizes and oval shapes from them,
but they are still the most expensive on the market.

Well the obvious happened and yellow backed vet bed sprung up at the shows.
Interestingly enough its not as popular, as  people had been told so many times only green back
k was the genuine vet bed, and so they were wary of this new yellow backed vet bed.
So thats how the rumour started that only genuine vet bed had a green back


Genuine VET BED is white?

WRONG again. Originally you could only get white. Then came grey, then brown.
Vet bed was then re branded by another company and blue & green was added.
Along came PRO FLEECE and as an independent manufacturer he turned vet bed on its head.
HE improved the quality and consistency and added a rainbow of colours. To this day white is still popular,
mostly for vets, whelping and kittening because of the fact if something is going wrong it shows up.
But the coloured is popular as it doesn't show the dirt. PRO FLEECE no longer manufacture,
but they do sell vet bed under the PRO FLEECE name.


VET BED is made by Pet life so has to be genuine?

VET BED is actually the "trade name" of the veterinary bedding product
 sold by "pet Life". All veterinary bedding fleeces are made by 1 of 3 factories in the UK.
ALL VET BED comes from here, it is made to the specifications of the companies
who contact them and are packaged there. These factories also make paint roller fabric, rugs and carpets.
A market trader can  go into one of these places get ends of rolls or seconds and this is how
the mixture of the qualities, paint roller, genuine vet beds end up for sale. NO ONE company 
who sells vet bed actually MANUFACTURES vet bed!
They may put on the packaging "makers of" but they cannot say MANUFACTURERS.

 If you want a  consistent quality of veterinary bedding then you need to go for a medium weight
from a reputable seller. Pro fleece were the only company to manufacture their own veterinary bedding
but the actual machinery has now been sold to one of the three manufacturers in the UK
and they like all the other suppliers of Veterinary bedding do not manufacture

NO VET BED IS IMPORTED. thankfully its still a  UK market :)


Ok, so now thats out of the way how DO you tell a good vet bed.

Firstly its heavier than it looks. Based on a  piece 100cm X 76cm Pick it up
and feel if its weight is light & well under a kilo, if it feels floppy and saggy,
then its paint roller fabric. A good vet bed weighs about 1 kilo.

The pile should be over an inch thick and wooly in texture, similar to a sheepskin.
If you put your hand palm down flat on it, you should feel a cushioned support and not the flat latex backing underneath.
Finally if you put your fingers in it, you should be able to leave "hole prints"

 The backing should feel coated, not plastic, relatively stiff,
A large sheet of 1.5 mars X 1mtr can just about be folded into 4 but no more than that and even that is a struggle.
IF in doubt go to a reputable trader they will tell you the GSM of the vet bed you are purchasing
and will advise the correct vet bed for your needs. Probably shooting myself in the foot here with this review
and guide but here are a few who I have known for many years and can vouch for their service. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER..

Bronte glen, Dry Bed, Pet life (Original Vet Bed), Pro fleece.
Apologies if I missed anyone out and to all you reputable traders, I am happy to add your name to my list here.
This is after all a guide to pet owners as to what this stuff is and where to get the real thing.

 The Bedding Box,  beddingbox dot com (Guess I best give myself a plug here?)




Non slip, plush, and soft vet bed, patterns and pictures!

Vet bed as I said comes from factories who make carpets, rugs etc.
it was only  a matter of time before they made a few variations of their own.
The main one being non slip

This rubber (non slip) backed vet bed was born from bathroom rugs X vet bed
and it really is a huge success! It solves the problem we have had for years.
"how to stop it sliding around?" The downside is you can only wash it around 40% and not boil it.
The backing does wear after a bit, so whilst a green back vet bed will last 20 years + .. HONEST!
  the non slip will have the same shelf life, but I would say about a year for the rubber backing
if that, as it does rub off, or wash off or comes off. I still say go for the rubber back for general pet use.

Patterns and pictures are now being introduced. you often see paw prints, bones etc.
Due to manufacturing problems this is only available on rubber (non slip) back.
Other designs are wolves, Man UTD, Union Jack, list is endless

  A warning tho! With the picture ones,  union jacks, bob the builder
(my son has this), your favourite football team!! they have been designed to be bedside rugs
and so for pups and whelping purposes aren't suitable.


Finally the new kids on the block, the plush and soft vet bed.

This was started by me *takes a bow*

It all began with Yorkshire terrier breeders who wanted something with a softer pile
that didnt break the very fragile hairs of Yorkshire terriers. so a very soft silky fine vet bed was designed.
Then along came the pug breeders who wanted a vet bed that wasn't wooly and with shorter fibres
as pug pups can struggle in long wooly vet beds, not to mention over heat.

I had a long chat with 2 factories and they made the pink plush vet bed for me, and then the finer soft vet beds.

These are rubber backed, they do the same as vet beds. IE it stays dry on top ,
the pile on the soft is the same length but because its fine it doesn't have the support.
I repeat THERE IS NO SUPPORT! ... Just checking if you are still awake :).
the plush however has the spring you still like from vet bed but without the wooziness.


So I hope you find the guide helpful. If you have questions email me.
I will try and be as honest and helpful as possible.

If you want to buy a piece, PLEASE (holds hands together in praying fashion)
 GET IT FROM ME!  I am not the cheapest or most expensive, but I do guarantee the quality.
I have been dealing in Pet beds exclusively since 1974. and thats all because
I needed a bed for my own dogs and couldn't find one, so I made one..
now a few more than one! and YES I still use the beds I make for my own dogs,
to this day!  Bottom line, if you do not like it, return it
for a full no questions asked refund, so you cannot lose. Plug over...


One thing I am proud of. in the early 90's I was asked to supply a sample of vet bed
to a customer who wanted to check it out before buying. It turned out to be "
Dogs Today" magazine who did a secret survey of all us suppliers.
Out of the companies they tested samples from, mine got top marks for stay dryness and washability.  I am guessing it was because at the time I was one of the first to sell a 1350gsm vet bed, when the standard was 1100gsm. After that everyone started selling 1350 gsm as standard :)

So to sum it up, GENUINE GOOD VET BED should be the following






As with all our vet beds, it machine washes at 40%


It is used universally in the dog and cat world, veterinary surgeries, rabbits guinea pigs and equestrian because of its unique properties.

If you are having a litter of pups or kittens, THIS IS THE FLEECE YOU NEED

It stays dry on top
It is Ideal for whelping and is used by all breeders

Incontinant dogs stay dry
Post operative care
Elderly dogs
Dogs which suffer from "pressure sores"
Pets with Allergies
As a fleece blanket for pups and kittens

Due to the polyester pile, veterinary bedding has several very important qualities;


It is Non-Allergenic

It is Non-Toxic

It is Non-Irritant

It won't support Bacteria

The boring bit..
My name is Ros. I breed show and Judge, Samoyeds & Shiba Inu.
I have been involved in the world of dogs since I was born thanks to mum who bred GSD and Poodles
and got me bitten by the show bug. My website is www.beddingbox.com