Puppy Birth, Whelping & Puppy Delivery
Whelping Box, Puppy Box, Puppy Birth, Whelping & Puppy Delivery


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Size: 4'W x 8'L x 2'H (all measurements approximate)
* Lightweight
* Easy to sanitize
* Stain Resistant
* No Tool assembly
* Reinforced corners
* Scrubbable Plastic
* Has a solid bottom tray design
* Folds away for easy storage
* Clean looking for puppy photos
* Can put your own logo on the Box
* 3 Adjustable entrance door heights as puppies grow
* Functions from birth, until 10 weeks of age (depending on size of breed)
* Strongly recommend lining the box, to protect bottom
* Should last 3+ litters depending on breed
** PVC white Puppy Rails Available **

(from whelping to weaning, just by moving the wall to make a Potty area)

This box is ideal for those needing either a bigger Whelping Box
or someone that maybe breeds just 1x a year and does not want to have a cumbersome massive
puppy box to find room to store between litters or a big Xpen in their living room.
This box was designed to house pups from birth until they go home at 8 weeks of age.
This box design trains pups to potty in the 4'x2' potty area
and not where they eat and sleep.
Clean up is a breeze by calling pups into one side and closing the door.
NO more messy dirty Xpen scratching your floors and puppy poop all over the place.
Just a nice clean, professional set up, easy to sanitize and store between use.
Your puppy people will thank you for rasing clean, potty trained pups

*Video of the Ultimate Lite Puppy box in action from whelping to weaning

*Video of 10 week old puppies weighing 10-15lbs in their puppy box
Our pups are raised in this puppy box until they go to their new homes after being weaned from mom

Video of our Puppy Box being assembled with details
*Please note as of 2015 Puppy Rails are available at an additional charge
This allowed us to offer our puppy box at a reduced price and lessoned shipping costs

This is the Puppy Box in the "Whelping" position (4'x4'x2')

This is the Puppy Box in the "Weaning" position (4'x8'x2')
This box needs to be lined, to provide a barrier between plastic material and pups
and to have a non-slip flooring for pups.
You can use any material but we strongly reccomend using our special Box Matting or Veterinary Fleece

(Ultimate Lite Box with 8' sides folded, to take up less room, forming a 4'x4' whelping box)

Ultimate Puppy Box
4'x8'x2' White Box forms a Whelping Box and Weaning Box
This is the ultimate puppy box for someone wishing to whelp and wean
in a clean contained area, that is easy to sterilize and store
This box collapses down to a 4'x4'x4" box for easy shipping and storing
the floor is a solid base, tray design, to save your floors or carpets.

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