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Size: 4'W x 8'L x 2'H (all measurements approximate)
* Lightweight
* Easy to sanitize
* Stain Resistant
* No Tool assembly
* Reinforced corners
* Scrubbable Plastic
* Has a solid bottom tray design
* Folds away for easy storage
* Clean looking for puppy photos
* Can put your own logo on the Box
* 3 Adjustable entrance door heights as puppies grow
* Functions from birth, until 10 weeks of age (depending on size of breed)
* Strongly recommend lining the box, to protect bottom
* Should last 4+ litters depending on breed
** PVC white Puppy Rails Available **

(from whelping to weaning, just by moving the wall to make a Potty area)

*Video of the Ultimate Lite Puppy box in action from whelping to weaning

*Video of 10 week old puppies weighing 10-15lbs in their puppy box
Our pups are raised in this puppy box until they go to their new homes after being weaned from mom

Video of our Puppy Box being assembled with details
*Please note as of 2015 Puppy Rails are available at an additional charge
This allowed us to offer our puppy box at a reduced price and lessoned shipping costs

This is the Puppy Box in the "Whelping" position (4'x4'x2')

This is the Puppy Box in the "Weaning" position (4'x8'x2')
This box needs to be lined to provide a barrier between plastic material and pups
You can use material but we strongly reccomend Dry Sheathing or Veterinary Fleece

New 2019
Reusable Puppy Whelping Box Mat
44"x48" to fit into our Breeder's box or Ultimate Lite box size is available
Whelping Box Liner provides a clean, sanitary whelping area.
The waterproof bonded backing prevents any leak through, protecting your flooring.
Gives your puppies an insulated and sure-footed surface
The top side of this mat is a super absorbent material keeping pups dry
No slip, vinyl backing.
It is charcoal gray in color (almost black)
Cleaning the the mat is easy, just toss in your washing machine or hose down and hang to dry.
Odors and stains wash out easily and manufacturer says, will withstand hundreds of washings.
Very light weight easy to roll or fold for storage.
Can be used under Vet Fleece to absorb all fluids that wicked through.
UPDATE: I used this material to line my dog cages and ended up driving 8
hours straight. Course when I arrived at the dog show couple of my dogs had pee'd in their cage
and the dogs were bone dry still, but the mats were heavy with pee !!!
Needless to say I"m going to line ALL my dog cages with this amazing material which I can wash.
Click to view brief Video
$30.00 - to fit our Breeder's box
PICK UP ONLY unless you purchase Box
to fit in our box.

(Ultimate Lite Box with 8' sides folded, to take up less room, forming a 4'x4' whelping box)

Ultimate Puppy Box
4'x8'x2' White Box forms a Whelping Box and Weaning Box
This is the ultimate puppy box for someone wishing to whelp and wean
in a clean contained area, that is easy to sterilize and store
This box collapses down to a 4'x4'x4" box for easy shipping and storing
the floor is a solid base, tray design, to save your floors or carpets.

Whelping Supplies

Puppy Rails for our Puppy Boxes
= $65.00

*Click to view our Puppy ID Collars
"24" Puppy ID Collars
(Twelve Newborn ID Collar and Twelve Puppy ID Collars)
Price : $12.00
(Custom sizing is available upon request )

* Click to view our "Marking" Coloured ID Bands
"60" - Puppy ID Collars
Twelve colors
(5 of each color included)
Water resistant
Can use marker on bands
Gentle on shorter coated breeds (will not irritate)
$6.00 + $2.00 shipping

Whelping Pads
36"x 34" pink backing colour
Wicks away moisture, to keep pups dry and warm
Made to last at least 300 washings
Non-skid durable backing
Ideal to use in our Whelping Box
The Canadian Ibex face fabric is durable and soft, provides traction, for nursing pups

UltraHeat Technology achieves highest temperature and maintains consistent heat
NO automatic shut off !!
Slide controller with large switch Features 3 heat settings and longer cord
Soft machine washable cover for easy care
Not to be left unattended, not recommended on high for direct contact to puppies
ALWAYS use the provided cover and a barrier to flooring or whelping box
King Size: 12" x 24"
$40.00 free shipping with purchase of whelping box




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