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~ Contact us: hfdfirerescue@yahoo.com ~

FREE Pick up in Hamilton, London, Woodstock, Niagara Falls,
and or at most Ontario, Michigan, New York, UKC dog shows
email to confirm pick up location, prior to ordering

In order to save our customers additional costs of packaging (which people throw away)
This is how your box will be packaged for picking up


Blue Breeder's Whelping Box
24" x 55" x 6" x 22 lbs (with Rails)

Breeder's Box II
25" wide x 6" deep x 55" high x 32 lbs (with rails)

Deluxe Whelping Box
with rails

Shipping from Postal Code: N4S 0B7

We will use FedEx, CanPar, or Purolator for shipping
from Woodstock to your location within Canada
(Shipping our white Breeder's Box, including rails to BC was $100.00 to give you an example)
If you know of anyone attending Dog Sporting Events, or Dog Show Handlers or Trainers coming to Southern Ontario
it would be cheaper to pay them a fee to bring your Box back to you.
There are forums you can post your request on
or check out http://www.canuckdogs.com for their classifieds ride shares.

In the USA we are able to use

We will use FedEx, Purolator or United Postal Service for shipping
Breeder's Box = 25" wide x 6" deep x 55" high x 32 lbs (with rails)
2in1 Box estimated = 45"wide, 6" deep x 92" high x 100 lbs
We will ship out of Niagara Falls, NY 14305 USA
Again you would be wise to search out Dog Show Handlers or Pet Transportation Services going to
Niagara Falls NY to see if they could bring your box to you.

We need full payment (including shipping cost) before we start your order.
From Canadians we can accept "eTransfers"
to hfdfirerescue@yahoo.com using password "puppybox4u" (no other passwords will be accepted)
OR... you can choose to pay with paypal to "bostons4u@hotmail.com"
If you choose paypal, you will have to pay the paypal fees (choose "send money to friends" option)

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