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I have been involved in breeding for over 30 years (since 1989).
I have seen breeders try kiddie swimming pools, Xpens, baby play pens
and I even built a Puppy Box out of Plywood, but nothing worked or lasted, or looked nice

I spent over 5 years and well over $3,000.00 trying different materials and built many prototypes
to come up with the perfect solution for Breeders to whelp
their puppies safely, cleanly and effectively in.
A Whelping box that could fold away to be easily stored, easily sanitized
no leaks of fluids, and not damage flooring.
No more stinky, ugly, old damaged, bulky, wood, Whelping Boxes !!

My Whelping Box in 1989

Well most often what people are smelling is stinky urine saturated, wood whelping boxes.
Especially if the whelping boxes do not have a bottom, and urine gets the flooring or the sides soak it up.
Breeders will never believe their boxes stink, because they get so accustomed they can't smell it.
TRUST ME, my wood whelping box, STANK and so did my bedroom that the whelping box was in
and puppy people do smell it and judged me, for it, and often bought elsewhere.

Breeders most often use wood boxes as they are cheap to custom build, and are durable.
However they need to be sealed or painted or needed new linoleum/rubber lining.
Boxes damaged the flooring underneath of them and urine, also still leaks out
No matter what 'band aid' methods I did, that wood box always held the smell of urine.
First thing we hear from puppy people TODAY is, "wow your home smells so clean"
Well that is in part because of our plastic whelping box, it just does not hold smell

Wood boxes, get chewed and dogs digest harmful products
wood holds bacteria and disease, that are also passed along
to one litter after the other, because no matter how hard you try, you can not sanitize wood.
Wood Boxes always looked too horrible to show puppy people and never looked good in any photos.
Not to mention trying to find room to store a bulky, stinky wooden box in-between litters.

Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools do work, but pups can get squished because there is no puppy rail and
in-between litters, it is difficult to find storage room for a big huge Pool
and the round shape of a Pool means it takes up a lot of space, or does not fit, in a bedroom
and because of the shorter sides, we have had pups crawl up mom's back and fall out of the pool !
More annoying, was the noise of the pool crinkling every time mom moved.
Lets face it, they just look unprofessional as well.

So many people have searched the internet and purchased a puppy from me, in part they said
My pups always looked so clean and professional, like I provided the best for my pups.
Mismatched dirty bedding, and brashly coloured baby pools with jerry rigged puppy rail
just does not give the same impression for sure.
Puppy Buyers believe that such set ups are a sign of a puppy mill.

But for me, the final straw, was when my litter of Boston Terriers
got a bacteria infection from the pool, their little bodies with sores
my vet knew right away I was using a baby pool and I was not able to sanitize properly.
As soon as he said this, I knew I needed a better quality, whelping box.
And for the price of my Breeder's Box well, I have kept the price
well less than the purchase price of anyone's puppies or any other costs.
Just a good investment.

I thought "there has to be a better way".

(This is my momma that delivered early, at a dog show in my RV !)

Takes up no room, assembles in seconds
I bring mine on the road with me "just in case" and good thing !!!

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Lets face it.
The internet makes the world a small place.
Puppy people searching around and seeing two Breeders
which do you think they would prefer ?
The breeder with a dirty, wood box and dim lighting
and piles of mismatched blankets or papers
Breeder with a clean Professional Whelping box and clean,
straight bedding or Vet fleece and nice lighting?

Keep checking back, as I will always be trying
new designs and ideas over the years.
AND I'm always interested in trying to make anything you wish custom