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We are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide Breeders
with a full range of Services and Assistance.
We recognize that there is a need to provide Reproductive Services
that Breeders can access, in a timely manner, which is uusally
Weekends, early mornings before work, or after work.
We are open 24/7 365 days a year

We can offer flexibility to fit around your schedule that can't be matched
by veterinary practices. We also offer outstanding value for money
because we don't have large practice overheads
nor are we performing Veterinarian proceedures.

We can now offer:
* Progesterone Testing, including Reverse Progesterone
* Aritificial Insemination
$25.00 (includes kit)
* Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
* Mid Woofery Services
24 hour Puppy Watch, additional fees for whelping
* Use of incubator with 02

* Please note that most Reproductive Veterinarians,
will still wish to run their own progesterone in house,
if they are doing an insemination or C-sections.

It is advised to have your female FAST (not to eat) prior to drawing blood.
It is also advised to draw and run tests, at the same time each day.
This is generally best achieved, by running tests, in the morning, before feeding.
Most breeders would like to start with a sample on Day 6 of bleeding for a baseline
and then every other day, to look for the surge (increase in number).

If you have a female that has "missed" before,
or is over 4 years of age, and never been bred
you would be wise to get antibiotics in advance,
to put her on, the first sign of bleeding for
2x a day for minimum 10 days, prior to breeding for best chance of success.

We know you are super busy, so you can also choose to drop off
a syringe of minimum 1cc of blood, for us to spin, test and email you the results.
We would prefer sample to be under 15 minutes old.

Come in person to draw and leave blood, or just drop and go
Either way, you do not need to stay.
Results will be obtained in under 1 hour.
We will email you, a quantitative report (ng/ml)
along with this progesterone chart
will provide guidance on interpreting the results.
We are looking for results ranging 11-25 ng/ml for breeding.
11-15 ng/ml (first breeding), 15-25 ng/ml for following breedings.

Ultrasound Scanning
We are able to offer our ultrasound machine for pregnancy detection
scanning can be done as early as 28 days from the last mating.
Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive practice to detect pregnancy
without the need for sedation or shaving (thought shaving certainly does help).

Most scans can be done standing, or if they prefer, laying or even whilst being given cuddles.
This is certainly less stressful then a trip to the vets!

Artificial Insemination
We are able to collect, and inseminate your female for you.
We know how difficult it is to do this by yourself.
We will provide all equipement which is disposible, which you may keep.
$10.00 - AI Kit
$15.00 - Insemiation
= $25.00

We are able to also show you
your male's semen sample, under our microscope
so you can evaluate the quality.

Incubator and O2 machines, cost around $3,000.00 too expensive
for most breeders, to wish to invest in.
AND Vet overnight stays are way too expensive as well.
We are now able to offer this service,
24 hour our stay in our home, when available.
Breeder supply any nebulizer medication, if needed.
Setting it up
ICU model, but good explaination
See in Action how to work it
More information on nebulizer

I have purchased every bottle, nipple and feeding station, that I have found
from all over the world, including the most Premium hand made options, at huge expense
to personally examine and review, out of my own curiosity.
As a result I'm able to have these products available for you to see
so you can decide if you wish to order from their source, or even purchase from me.
*Prices vary according to product.

All syringes are individually, sterile packed, loaded with microchip
Microchips are ISO, 15 Digits and compatible with all systems and readers
Syringes use easy inject needle, for subcutaneous injection in 3 seconds
Canadian Kennel Club
American Kennel Club
National Companion Animal Coalition (NCAC)

Mid Woofery Services Offered
We understand that people work full time, to afford their dog hobby
and might not always have help. We are able to offer a safe
secure, professional whelping room, with 24/7 supervision
by a breeder of over 35 years experience with a variety of breeds.
We provide whelping box, towels, laundry service, Heating pad, all necessities.
You receive a happy mom, ready to go home with you, when you are ready
and if she whelps, then you go home with happy mom, AND her litter of newborn puppies.

Only perfectly healthy moms, with no visable contagious disease
Upper Respiratory illness, or parasites, will be accepted.

Problem breeds that require C-sections, are to have a Vet prearranged
to perform a C-section, should your female unexpectedly start labour.
$200.00/24 hour Puppy Watch
$800/Whelping, dewclaws, Tails if needed
$1,000.00/Trip to Emergency, For C-Section at Vet you pre-arranged.
(vet Fee not included)
(We can also tube feed, and sell those supplies)