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Thought you might enjoy seeing the box all set up.
I put some Good Luck charms on it just for the picture.
I have also put it on Facebook with your website address.
This week there will be puppies in the box and I will get a picture for you too.
Thank you, AGAIN !!! I love it!
Shelly Williams
Sapphire Boxers

Sending you a pic of the puppies loving their whelping box, and Vet Fleece
I'm very very happy with this box.....it makes things so much easier...
Leah F.

"8" Puppies are born during the night !
Mama is taking good care of them and loves her box !!!
I will try to get better pictures of box with mom and puppies later.
Geneviève D. - Quebec

Here are the pics I promised of My Old English Sheepdog new borns.
Box is working fabulous !
Tasiahills Reg'd OES

Bijou Standard Poodles
Great light weight box, easy to clean, for our 80 lbs Poodles and 10-14 puppy litters

Many thanks for creating and producing a product that is easy to assemble
pick up (shipped if necessary) and Canadian in origin.
My first litter this year (and first time using the Breeder's Box) was a maiden bitch
who managed to whelp all 6 of her pups in the box, on her own while I was at work
(not as planned, but everything went perfect). I like my dogs to whelp in a den-like atmosphere
I find it un-necessary to provide extra heat, the cover and the bitch's body heat is sufficient to keep the puppies warm.
Laura made me a lid for my box, but I didn't pick it up with the box; as she wanted to make some modifications to the lid.
No worries, I set up an x-pen around my whelping boxes anyway, keeps mamas in and other household dogs out
and drape blankets over the box. I introduced the box about 3 days pre-whelp to Magick (Rat Terrier), first time mom
and she loved it, safe, warm, secure. Loved it so much that while she was in it and I was at work
she whelped her 6 babies without my assistance. We use sheepskin and sheepskin pads on the bottom of the box
but if you don't have access to sheepskin; Laura also has whelping pads and hospital fleece available to purchase.
I love the box for the safe atmosphere, the easily cleaned material (lysol wipes and rinse wipe with another cloth)
and the fact that it will transfer to a weaning pen and then when everyone is done, can be folded up for another year. Thanks again,
Jen, Pyxis Rat Terriers

UPDATE:Thank you for making such a transformable whelping box.
Magi and her 7 puppies had been in my bedroom since Sunday, March 11, 2018
she was keeping them quiet and well-looked after. Last night about 12:30 pm
she decided she would like to sleep on the bed with my hubby and I and let the puppies squawk.
After being unable to convince her to rejoin the pups in the whelping box,
I dismantled the pen, scooped the pups up in a blanket and folded up the whelping pen
moving all of it to the dining room. Of course when Magi realized that her babies were now 2 rooms away
she decided promptly to rejoin them. All told, it took 7 minutes from deciding to move them, to moving the entire box
x-pen, blankets and puppies to their new domain. I would have moved them when their eyes were open anyway
to expose them to a new environment, Magi just made the choice earlier.
Again, thanks so much for your quality ideas and equipment.

Bijou Standard Poodles
Easy to set up in minutes, keeps the mess "contained" for easy clean up
and looks so professional and cheery for photos to send puppy people

Just to keep you posted, we have 7 healthy and sold puppies pictured in the box.
4 weeks old now and around 3 kilo's each !
4 males and 3 females. Doing very well, mom is busy and happy.
The Breeder's Whelping Box does very well and the Puppy ID Collars as well.
Thanks and regards,
Gertjan and Megan and family

Mom is all settled in with her pups and her new "Deluxe Whelping Box" and Vet fleece

Expat Malinois
Using our 2in1 Box and Velcro Collars

Puppy box worked out great !
Italian Greyhound puppies
Carmen S - Ontario

Finnish Lapphund Litter
a friend of mine, also called Laura, has been looking at my puppy box
and will likely contact you for a couple of them.

I also wanted to give you an update and send along some pictures
now that the pups are 3 weeks old.
I made my puppy rails and also made a frame
so that I could make a roof for a den, for her for the first few weeks.
it served to keep the pups warmer and really draft-free.
The roof came off the box yesterday and now it's just the rails
for another few days, then just the box.

Whelping and puppies has been a joy.
It was an easy whelp for Mysti, who had her first one by herself
while I slept 3 ft away from her, sitting in a chair.
The other 4 arrived within 2.5 hours and it has been a wonderful experience.
She is an excellent Mom, though teeth are showing up now and she is losing interest in feeding.

I can't tell you how much i appreciated having this box to keep them safe and warm.
I *LOVE* my whelping box !!
Manon B. - Cumberland Ontario

Just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I'm enjoying my puppy box.
This is how I have it set up for my three Sheltie pups, they have plenty of space and so easy to clean.
Kim H. - Ontario

Hershey ThumbnailHershey Thumbnail

I was surprised at how large it was. Comfortable too. Lol.

mother & pups @ 2 weeks of age     ~ Pups @ 5 weeks of age

"I just cleaned the box and thought you might like a pic. Still loving my box.
What a huge difference from my last litter!"

Marg S. - Ontario

Belgian Malinois
Chrissa M. - Alberta The Whelping box has been an absolute 'God Send'!! I love it!
I can't say enough good about it. And would be more than happy to be a reference for your box design!!
I did find the Standard dry sheathing. Had a hell of a time getting it. Too long a story to get into.
But what you see at the moment is a rubber ribbed matting in the floor of the box.
I used the sheathing until the pups just got too destructive, at about six weeks of age.
It was like finding confetti every morning! Now I only use it on the garage floor just outside the box, where they now use for voiding.
They also have access to the outdoors as well, and do most of their messes outside. Gotta love that.
I needed something that was non slip for them inside the box and that I could keep clean.
So my husband bought the rubber and measured it to fit under the sides, so that they can't get at an edge.
He (smart guy) ran the rubber matting across the box, width wise.
So if there is a pee, it does not run the length of the box! Just stays in a nice puddle for wipe up.


when the puppies get too big you just take the poo/pee door and use it at the rear so pups can
get outside to play or eliminate. Or like our clients did they used the Uptown dog kennel from Petsmart
we suggested, because it has 2'x5' panels that fasten quickly with brackets so that you can configure in any way you wish
such as in this case, as an excersise area. Then they laid down rubber matting over the floor so they could wipe clean easier.


Breeder's also laid a mat down inside when the pups were weaned so that they were not slipping on the unpapered floor.
They used the Bistro water and feeders we suggested, as well which you lay on top of a boot tray to avoid excess spillage.

I love this 2in1 Puppy Box. Love love love it. My pups aren't even 4 weeks old
and they are going to the other side of the box to do their business !
Yes add me as a reference Anyone can contact me if they want and I will tell them
I couldn't live without these boxes now that I have them.
I put down the roofing paper (dry sheathing) and then newspaper like you said to do.
So easy to clean, makes my life so easy !
Glenda R. - Countrypaws Labs and Poodles

Examples of how you can set up your Breeder's whelping box
We can fabricate a potty tray or a potty area for your pups.
If you can think of it, we can usually do it.

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