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45"' x 92' x 22" (approx)

$550.00 Includes PVC Puppy Rails
*NEW September 2017 we are able to ship across Canada = $150.00 Shipping
(sorry no shipping to USA)

Delivery available for small fee, to some CKC, UKC and or AKC Dog Shows
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Whelp your litter in a safe, clean 4'x4' whelping box
that by simply moving a panel back, expands to a 4'x8' Puppy Box with a Potty Area
to begin potty training and to raise your pups in, until they go home !
No need to jerry-rig any puppy containment or add xpens to a whelping box
this box will contain pups safely and provide enough play room for growing pups until
they go home at 8 weeks of age. This box also has the added feature of teaching pups to be clean
by providing a potty area that pups will start to target at 4 weeks of age.
This means less cleaning of the box and more fun time spent with pups
Made of solid, heavy duty, light weight, rigid, hard plastic material, will not bend.
*Puppy Rails Included

(No entrance door in place, see how easy to get in and out)

So why the 2in1 Box

This box is ideal for the Professional Breeder
who wishes to begin Potty Training their pups.
Perfect box for raising pups in, until they go home.
Smooth solid rigid plastic material holds up to even the biggest breeds
Solid, smooth, plastic tray bottom, holds fluids in, and contains any soil or mess
Simply wipe clean with any cleaning wipes or cleaning product of your choice.
Lighter weight rigid Plastic Material, that one person can easily move into position and assemble.
The box is smooth as glass, very easy to clean can even hose down or pressure wash.

YOUR CHOICE if you wish to use any of the door slats or solid door


*Has a plastic tray base/floor to contain fluids
*Practically Indestructible Plastic Material
*Will last a Lifetime with reasonable use
*Extra Easy to Clean and Sanitize
*No Painting or Maintenance needed
*Assembles by Sliding together, in under 2 minutes
*Takes apart for storage, no tools required
*Always looks clean
*Attractive Professional looking Puppy Box to take great photos in (impress your puppy people)
*Contains your pups from birth, right through to going home by simply moving a panel to expand the size
*Starts pups potty training with the potty area
*Easy to store as comes apart

Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail
Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail

Front entrance door has 3 slats to add, to help contain pups, as pups grow bigger
Once pups are weaned, simply use the solid door to contain pups

PVC puppy rails included with this box

Mother dog just finished whelping her 10 puppy litter ...............Mom after 24 hours with Vet fleece being used
24" Heating pad is set up in the middle of the box under the Vet Fleece

This is how we set up our 2in1 box when pups are weaned from mom
Vet Fleece can be too hot for them at this age, but they love polar fleece blankets
I also continue to use Dry Sheathing as a barrier from the plastic bottom for them
They now only use the potty area, which when soiled I just roll up and toss in garbage and lay new.
As you can see, I'm also only using the solid entrance door now, as is quicker to open and close than slats
Additionally I prefer the flying saucer pans for feeding pups their "mash" and I use the NO SPILL travel
dishes to hold kibble and water (left down 24/7) as this way they can't play in it and make a mess

Assembling the 2 in 1 Puppy Box

Once pups are weaned and no longer with Mom,
I have also provided a solid entrance door that quickly and easily slides in and out !
I have thought of everything to make a Breeder's life easier and better
so you can have a clean, professional set up and spend more time enjoying your pups.
Your pups are also being potty trained for you !
I HIGHLY recommend you getting Veterinary Fleece to use
You can read more about this product on this page:

2 in 1 Box to whelp and wean your pups in
Potty training begins as early as 3 weeks of age using the Bijou Method

2 in 1 Puppy Box
From Whelping to Weaning

2 in 1 PUPPY BOX
comes apart into 6 pieces for easy storage
2in1 Box estimated = 45"wide, 6" deep x 92" high x 100 lbs